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Rabbi Eliezer Schneebalg

Rabbi Eliezer Schneebalg
President of The International Kosher Organisation
Rabbi Eliezer Schneebalg is a well-known expert in kosher law. Rabbi Schneebalg has been involved in kosher certification for many years and brings a wealth of experience to the IKO. He is also the Rabbi of The Machzikei Hadass Community in Edgware, UK.

Rabbi Gershon Finesilver
Rabbinic Director
Rabbi Finesilver received Rabbinic Ordination from The Chief Rabbinate of Israel and holds a BSc in Biochemistry, an MSc in Structural Biology and is an Associate of The Royal College of Science, UK. Rabbi Finesilver has been actively involved in kosher food certification for several years.


Rabbi Yehoshua Gerzi,
Rabbinic Co-ordinator
Rabbi of Beis Dovid Pilzno, Ramat Bet Shemesh

Rabbi Shlomo Mordechai Odze
Rabbinic Consultant
Rabbi of South Hampstead, London, UK

Rabbi Moshe Ordemann
Rabbinic Consultant


Mr. Murray Paul
Administrative Director & Financial Controller

Mr. Alex Moeller LLB
International Sales Consultant

Mr. Grant Leboff
Commercial Consultant for IKO
Principal of The Sticky Marketting Club Ltd

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