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Kosher food is food that is fit to be eaten according to Jewish Dietry laws.

Kosher food has been eaten by the Jewish people for nearly 3 and a half thousand years and even today many millions of people still make sure to eat only kosher foods.

The laws of kosher (also known as kashrut or kashrus) are both vast and complicated, in fact this is one of the key areas that Jewish students are tested in, in order to become a qualified Rabbi.

There is a huge amount of information about kosher available on the internet but most people prefer to know the general principles and how Kosher is relevant to their factory/production line.

Here are 10 key points about kosher

  1. Meat — only certain animals are allowed, namely those with split hooves and those that "chew the cut"
  2. Milk — only milk from kosher animals is allowed.
  3. Meat & Milk — these must never be mixed together.
  4. Poultry — Only certain birds are allowed.
  5. Fish — Must have fins and scales.
  6. Wine — Must be produced under specific supervised conditions
  7. Cooked Foods — Often have to be produced under specific supervised conditions.
  8. Insects — Are strictly forbidden
  9. Fruits and Vegetables — Some may be forbidden due to infestation or other reasons connected to the Jewish Calendar.
  10. Passover — During this week long festival no foods containing grain may be eaten.

Well it seems pretty straight forward, so why the need for questionnaires, factory inspections etc. The answer is that this is just the "tip of the iceberg". Other issues that may have to be looked into may be that many ingredients have sub ingredients and those too may contain many other sub ingredients; machinery that was once used for non-kosher cannot be re-used for kosher (without a special kosher clean down); there may be hidden ingredients; processing aids may be non-kosher; there may be issues with transportation of raw materials or dispatch of the finished product and so on and so forth.

However, despite all these restrictions the fact remains that a huge number of raw materials/finished products are either inherently kosher or could quite easily be certified as kosher.

It is our job at The IKO to make this process a quick and stress free process.

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